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Quickbooks, MYOB & Xero Accounting Software Training, Perth

If you already have QuickBooks, MYOB or Xero for your small business accounting and bookkeeping, why not learn how to do some of it yourself? I can give you one-to-one training in QuickBooks, MYOB or Xero. And, if you haven’t got the software, I can help you set up the most appropriate software for your business and teach you how to use it.

I can visit you, you can come to me or we can even train remotely. (I service clients in the areas of Bassendean, Ascot, Guildford, Midland, Victoria Park, Osborne Park, Upper Swan, Bayswater, Caversham and surrounding suburbs.) Today, there are excellent software options available and training is easy.

Benefits of accounting software training

When taught by an experienced consultant, you’ll learn how to do things right in QuickBooks, Xero or MYOB the first time, as well as the following:

  • get educated in topics that matter for your business;
  • learn best practices;
  • improve your current skill sets;
  • cut through the red tape;
  • avoid common mistakes.

I can offer training in any accounting software program you choose. Below is a little information on the main types of accounting software available. If you’re unsure which program is right for you, we can discuss this.

QuickBooks training

As a qualified QuickBooks consultant, I can help you with troubleshooting or ongoing training.

Quickbooks training involves:

  • QuickBooks software setup & customization;
  • payroll;
  • profit and loss;
  • BAS & reporting;
  • reconciliation;
  • invoicing;
  • purchases;
  • cash flow management tools.

MYOB training & support

Brush up your skills or learn MYOB from scratch. There are several options available, depending on the software you need and what is appropriate your business.

MYOB training involves:

  • MYOB software setup & customization;
  • payroll;
  • profit and loss;
  • BAS & reporting;
  • reconciliation;
  • invoicing;
  • purchases;
  • cash flow management tools.

Xero training & support

Xero cloud software makes bookkeeping a breeze. Learning how to do at least some of the work yourself will not only save you money, but give you more confidence in understanding your business. Plus, it’s so easy to use, and the reports and features are amazing.

I can offer you software training sessions:

  • tailored programs for you;
  • learn at your own pace;
  • practice on your own Xero software;
  • one-to-one training.

Discover what a joy Xero can be here

Xero training involves:

  • Xero software set up;
  • payroll;
  • profit and loss;
  • bas & reporting;
  • reconciliation;
  • invoicing;
  • purchases.

Cloud bookkeeping or desktop accounting software?

Let’s work out what software is best for YOU (not your consultant)

Cloud software

Xero are becoming increasingly popular and renowned for their brilliant cloud software that is accessed online, requiring no installation. It’s a wonderful product to use, as it’s quite straightforward and intuitive. Xero cloud software has several advantages:

  • no installation is required
  • everything is backed up automatically
  • available anytime, anywhere – as it online you can login and access your account from anywhere
  • maintain a clear overview of your current financial position, in real time.
  • automated bank feeds into your Xero account

There are certainly differences that sets Xero apart but all three software programs (QuickBooks, MYOB and Xero) have a common link and that is that all the data files can be kept in the cloud and accessed remotely.

Desktop software

Some businesses still operate on desktop software that is not cloud-based. Although it has limitations, for some small businesses this is perfectly fine as they don’t need several people logging in, are happy to check on things while at the office only and don’t require 24/7 access.

Choosing what’s right for you

There are some accountants and bookkeepers who push clients into changing from either Quickbooks or MYOB into Xero. This is because some consultants find it easier to manage all your clients on one type of software program.

Also, the more clients you have on Xero, the more benefits there are to the bookkeeper, such as discounts, Bronze, Silver and Gold member status. There is nothing wrong with this, but the focus is more on the consultant than on the client.

Not all clients welcome the push from their much loved Quickbooks or MYOB into Xero, as they have to learn a whole new program and endure more costs in changing over. If this sounds like you, I’m more than happy to help you with your current program, as it may be more than adequate for your needs.

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